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Amerasian Tony Wang found his father in Ohio after 41 years.


     In 2014, Dr. Chang Chen, the curator of this exhibition began researching the stories about Amerasians— children born to American soldiers and their Asian mothers during 1950 to 1982. At the end of Vietnam War in 1975, more than 15,000 children were evacuated from South Vietnam to America under “Operation Babylift”.

     I Not only did 3% of their fathers acknowledge them, but the Vietnamese community also dismissed them as “children of the dust”. Most Amerasians have no connection whatsoever to their fathers. One such Amerasian was Tony Wang, an award winning rock singer who reached out to Dr. Chang Chen to help find his dad. After many false alarms and a grueling process of elimination, Dr. Chen found the correct Dave Brown in Ohio. After 41 years, the little boy who never knew his father was finally reunited with his long lost dad. Tony is now eligible to become an U.S. citizen under Public Law 97-359.


  本展策展人邱彰博士在2014年開始研究美亞混血兒的故事。美亞混血兒是1950-1982年間,美軍與他們服役之處的亞洲女性所生的孩子。這些孩子絕大多數都不知 道父親是誰。

  1975年, 越戰結束前美國把15,000名 越南嬰兒空運至美國, 那個行動稱為「 Operation Babylift」。到達美國後,只有3% 的父親出來與他們的孩子相認,越南社 區則視他們為塵屑之微不足道, 導致孩子們流離失所。但邱博士還是替台灣得獎的搖滾樂歌手王湯尼在Ohio 找到父親 Dave Brown,41年後父子喜相逢。

  根據 Public Law 97-359, 王湯尼有權成為美國公民。

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