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The Page Act of 1875 forbade the entry of Chinese laborers and immoral Chinese women.


     Enforcement of the Page Act resulted not only in the reduction of prostitutes but also the “virtually complete exclusion of Chinese women from the United States.”

     Therefore, Chinese were unable to create families in the United States. The Page Act was so successful in preventing Chinese women from immigration and consequently keeping the ratio of females to males.

     so low that the law "paradoxically encouraged the very vice it purported to be fighting: prostitution.”

  「佩吉法」禁止任何亞洲勞工、娼妓以及在自己國家犯過罪的 人入境美國。

  歷史學家發現在執行「佩吉法」時,移民官員集 中火力在禁止華人女性入境,因為只有限制華人女性來美,華 工發現無法成家時,才會回去中國。

  「佩吉法」執行的結果是 把所有的華人女性都排除在美國門外。

  1882年排華法案實施的 前幾個月,有四萬位華人進入美國,其中只有136位是女性,果 然導致男女性別嚴重失調,華人在美國無法成家。

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