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Eileen Chan became U.S. citizen under the Refugee Relief Act of 1953.

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     Under the Refugee Relief Act of 1953, a refugee is defined as someone who lacks the essentials of life.

     The refugee quota allocated to the Chinese living in Hong Kong was 2,000.

     Famous writer Eileen Chan applied in 1955 under this Act and her application was approved quickly.


     Many of Eileen Chang’s works were made into movies, including Lee Ang's Lust, Caution.


  該法實施至 1956年,共准許了214,000位難民移民美國,其中2,000名是給居住在香港的中國內地人。大文學家張愛玲(Eileen Chang)於1952到 1955年間住在香港。

  她在1955年根據「難民救濟法」提出申請移民美國,由於當時美國新聞處處長麥卡錫做她的擔保人,所以很快就被 批准了。


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