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Ah Toy's lawsuit was dismissed due to the ruling in People v. Hallin 1852.

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     The most notorious Chinese-American prostitute, Ah Toy, sued Yee Ah Tye for demanding that her Dupont Street prostitutes pay him a tax. In the 1854 case of People v. Hall, the judge ruled that the Chinese had no business in American courts, and could not testify nor become witnesses.

     Ah Toy's lawsuit was ultimately dismissed.

  1852年,當時最出名的華人老鴇阿彩(Ah Toy)告幫派份子余大(Yee Ah Tye) 勒索,但因1854年豪爾案(People of the State of California v. George W. Hall) 判決華人無權在法院做證,阿彩的訴訟也泡湯了。


  阿彩是當時舊金山的傳奇人物 ,1848年就到美國執壺,她的營業所門口經常排著長龍,警察偶爾還得拔槍維持 秩序。她後來嫁給一位富商,活到99歲。

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