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亞  美  混  血  兒  之  歌




  繼越戰之後,美國國會再於1982年通過「美國公法97-359」,正式定義 Amerasian(美亞混血)的名詞,讓父親是美軍、母親是亞洲人的後代得以移民美國。




  美國福特總統於是宣布要將兩千名孤兒救出來,這項操作稱為「Operation Babylift」。但在第一次空撤時,飛機在田間墜毀,機上144人全部罹難,儘管如此,撤退計劃還是持續了三個禮拜,直到完成。

  沒有人知道亞美混血兒的正確數字,目前在美國約有26,000名三十歲到四十歲的男女和75,000名他們的親戚,美國眾議院 Stewart B McKinney 在1980年說:拋棄這群孩子是國家的羞辱,政府必須對他們負責。





     During World War 1 (1939-1945), children were born to American soldiers and Asian women.Those children were not welcome by the local Asian societies.


     To bring the mothers and the children to the U.S. Congress enacted the War Brides Act in 1945.


     After the Vietnam War, Congress enacted "American Public Law 97–359" in 1982. In this Act, the term "Amerasian" is formally defined as children of American soldiers and Asian mothers. More importantly, they could apply for U.S.citizenship. Unfortunately, most Amerasians never knew who their fathers were, and all of them had the same dream: to come to the US to be reunited with their fathers.


     In 1975, before Saigon fell, Vietcong spread rumors that all the people who had assisted Americans, including Amerasians and their mothers would be massacred.


     President Ford announced "Operation Babylift" to save 2000 orphans from Saigon. The first air mission failed as the helicopter crashed into the rice paddles.


     All 144 people on board were killed, most of them children. Despite the tragedy, Operation Babylift continued for three more weeks until all were evacuated.

     There are currently 26,000 Amerasians ages between 30 to 40 in the U.S. Only 3% found or were acknowledged by their fathers. According to a survey conducted in 1991, 14% of them had attempted suicide and 76% wanted to go back to Vietnam.


     Vietnam was not the lone nation to produce Amerasians. Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines all had their share. Over 200,000 American soldiers in Korea and Vietnam visited Taiwan for vacation between 1950-1975.

     As a result, tens of thousands Amerasians were born. Tien LuLu, Lai Pei-Sha and rock star Tony Wang are three Amerasians whose unique stories are recounted below.

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