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護  衛  中  國  城  史  蹟 , 珍  惜  華  人  歷  史



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   維護中國古蹟的人成立「拯救中國城委員會(Save Our Chinatown Committee)」,並開始對河邊市教育部門提告,阻止在中國城史蹟上建設。他們成立網站、臉書網頁,並不停的組織抗爭活動。



     By 1868, many Chinese were living in Riverside, California.


     In 1885, after Riverside passed a law forbidding Chinese to run businesses there, Chinese were forced to move out of the city and settle nearby. In 1940, Wang Ho Leung was the only Chinese resident left in Chinatown.


     He passed away in 1974 and his property was bought by a development company.


     The last building in Chinatown was torn down in 1977 and all the historical relics were buried underground.


     In 1980, the Education Department of Riverside County bought this property and some partial digging discovered significant historical relics.


     In 2008, Riverside City Council decided to build a medical building on the site, and the "Save our Chinatown Committee" was formed to stop the development.


     In March 2012, the Appellate Court decided that Riverside County had not considered all the reasonable alternatives before it would build on the old Chinatown site.


     Today, the Riverside people are looking forward to the first Chinatown Heritage Park which will be built on the old Chinatown site.​

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