鏡  子  宮  殿 



  劉經倫 JUWIN LIU 

 王福瑞  FUJUI WANG  

  由一百片不同尺寸的鏡子組成,鏡宮是圓柱形的,圓形象徵生命無止境的循環,鏡子象徵女性的美麗與璀璨。一仰頭,觀眾就可以看到屋頂上數十片明鏡,繁星點點,是地上閃爍的燈光。往下他們會看到自己踩在歷史的沙礫中,沙上有許多歷史圖片。其中有22個圖片上有鮮紅色的肚兜,象徵第一件華人女性在美國最高法院的案例--22位淫蕩的中國女性"Chy Lung v. Freeman, 92 U.S. 275 (1875)"。



     The moment visitor step foot into this part of the exhibit, they are dramatically enveloped by the cylindrical room, composed of countless mirrors perfectly tilted 15 degree, reflecting and refracting an array of dazzling lights. It is not until the visitors glance down that they realize they are standing on a sea of translucent glimmering sand.


     Scattered throughout the expanse of sand are cards poking up from the shimmering sand, like postcards from the past.


     Each card, lit by LED lights embedded under the glass sand, features a historical event about Chinese American women that visitors can read. There are 22 cards with red belly-band on them symbolizing the first Supreme Court case involving Chinese American women, Chy Lung v. Freeman, 92 U.S. 275 (1875) where the Chinese women were considered lewd because they all wore colorful belly-bands.


     State of the art audio devices will relay a variety of female voices which echo and reverberate through the cylindrical capsule and the visitors’ minds.


​     Utilizing the power of mirrors, glass, sand and light, the maze promotes the self-reflection and ponderance of history.

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